How it Works

The fact is that the cryptocurrency has a high volatility on which, with the proper approach, you can make a profit constantly, it all depends on the strategy used by the trader. We adhere to a moderate tactic that avoids unnecessary risk and although the profit is not so huge in comparison with the aggressive strategy - we can safely do up to 30% daily. In order for the capitalization to grow - we offer to become our investors. How to do this? Just three simple steps and you are with us!


Create Account

Create an account in our system, then study the offers for our investors.


Change plan and invest him

Choose the appropriate level for yourself and open a Deposit account.


Wait and withdraws

That's all - enjoy the multiplication of your capital and withdraw or reinvest again to accelerate the growth rate of your account.

What is Asia BIT

About The Asia BIT

Our project specializes in the capitalization of cryptocurrencies in all available ways. We trade on the stock exchange, pour traffic into the partner.

And all this every day and continuously, in order to increase its volume, as well as to accelerate the process of globalization of the crypto market, we have provided you with a tool.

Why Asia BIT

Competitive Benefit

As we have said before, our high profitability is due to trading on the stock exchange. And because we adhere to moderate tactics and do not fall into the excitement-ready to pay for your resources the best share.

Safe & Secure
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Outs
Smart Application

12% Daily

for 10 days


Total Profit

Instant Payout

Min Deposit

Max Deposit

12% Daily



15.00 $

50.00 $

Deposit Amount

Profit Percent: 120%

Profit Total: $18

12.5% Daily

for 20 days


Total Profit

Instant Payout

Min Deposit

Max Deposit

12.5% Daily



51.00 $

200.00 $

Deposit Amount

Profit Percent: 250%

Profit Total: $127.5

13% Daily

for 30 days


Total Profit

Instant Payout

Min Deposit

Max Deposit

13% Daily



201.00 $

2000.00 $

Deposit Amount

Profit Percent: 390%

Profit Total: $783.9


Statistic about work

Days work

30 days

All users


All payments

1736.61 $

All inserts

7761.62 $

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If you refer our website to your friends and family you will get 5% referral commission of their deposited amount. And you will also get 3% 2nd level referral commission.

5% - 3% - 2%


So, that table say more info about Asia BIT

Last 10 Deposits

naeem 15.00
megavip01 50.00
Roman19 35.00
albina111484 25.00
nikita 201.00
Milly 201.00
Vorontsow 15.00

Last 10 Withdrawals

ewgenih57 1.80
valdemar 3.24
ehan1504 4.35
Knjaz 26.13
Slava74 2.40
val1068 6.50
bazileos 1.80

Top 10 Partners

Splinter 238
ehan1504 113
zanoza 74
velrun 40
ProfitHuntersBI 33
Jegon777 30
Karim 24

Top 10 Investment

Jakub 1504.8
VirusSL 361.55
ProfitHuntersBIZ 300
Han81 250
nikita 201
Milly 201
Knjaz 201

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

So, if you are in doubt about investing in the crypto market, you can:
1 - make a transfer in Fiat;
2 - have a reliable multi-currency wallet here
Additional investments will increase the number of transactions made in the foreign exchange market, and thus accelerate the growth of capital. Investors, in turn, will receive a certain percentage of profits depending on the amount of invested funds.
The risks for our investors are minimized thanks to our professional team and our experience. Each investor of the company receives a daily profit in accordance with the terms of the chosen investment plan.
First, you must register on our website. The registration procedure is simple and takes only a few minutes. Fill in all the required fields in the registration form, log in to your account, choose the best investment plan and make a Deposit. After that you will become an official investor of the company Asia BIT and make a profit according to the selected service plan.
Wait a little, as you know - decentralized networks have a slightly lower transaction speed than Fiat money. If after a certain time there is a suspicion that the payment has not been confirmed - please contact us at the technical support e-mail we will be happy to help you resolve the problem.